I have been asked by Chaos Group’s Christopher Nichols to join the digital human league, a group he created with key VFX industry members aimed at further research and discussion into synthetic humans. I am honored to be part of such a team of talented peoples. My main tasks was to take the scan data that we had and make a complete model of it that matched the references we have of Paul Debevec. The scan only gives us the face, not the whole head, and obviously had a very dense topology. I first created an animation friendly topology of the whole head. I projected the details of the scan, re-sculpted and improved things that the scan did not get right, then I sculpted and textured the full head (hears, skull, neck, back of the head ect...) I created the eyes, the shirt, build skin shaders and tested everything in Vray. Here's different IBL render to test how the shaders are reacting. I also created the hair in Ornatrix.