Deadpool makes History with $132.4M opening Weekend! Very happy for my boss Tim, and also very proud that I had the chances to be a part of this project, from the test footage pitch 5 years ago to the final product.

I worked on the 85 second full CG frozen moment opening title sequence. I have modeled, textured and shaded the head of the first character we see on screen. I have also created his hairs and beard with Ornatrix. It was a fun challenge because I had to match the actor from scratch, without having a scan and with short schedule. We received a base model from Atomic Fiction for is clothing. I created high-res textures and sculpted the character in pose in Zbrush.I also worked on the Deapool model in that sequence. Digital Domain provided us with the model and textures. I worked on creating new shaders in 3dsmax and up-resing the textures for those extreme closeups. I also sculpted the character in pose in Zbrush.

I also worked on the version of Colossus that you can see in the sequences towards the end of the movie. We received a base model and textures from DD. We then reconstructed shaders for our 3ds Max and V-Ray pipeline. I was tasked to lookdev this damaged version of Colossus. We received initial concept art, and were given the freedom to play around with the design. I used the undamaged Colossus as the base, then I re-sculpted, textured, and shaded him.

More images to come soon:)