Deadpool makes History with $132.4M opening Weekend! Very happy for my boss Tim, and also very proud that I had the chances to be a part of this project, from the test footage pitch 5 years ago to the final product.

I worked on the 85 second full CG frozen moment opening title sequence. I have modeled, textured and shaded the head of the first character we see on screen. I have also created his hairs and beard with Ornatrix. It was a fun challenge because I had to match the actor from scratch, without having a scan and with short schedule. We received a base model from Atomic Fiction for is clothing. I created high-res textures and sculpted the character in pose in Zbrush.I also worked on the Deapool model in that sequence. Digital Domain provided us with the model and textures. I worked on creating new shaders in 3dsmax and up-resing the textures for those extreme closeups. I also sculpted the character in pose in Zbrush.

I also worked on the version of Colossus that you can see in the sequences towards the end of the movie. We received a base model and textures from DD. We then reconstructed shaders for our 3ds Max and V-Ray pipeline. I was tasked to lookdev this damaged version of Colossus. We received initial concept art, and were given the freedom to play around with the design. I used the undamaged Colossus as the base, then I re-sculpted, textured, and shaded him.

More images to come soon:)




Added a bunch of my Arbiter renders in the portfolio section. Hope you like it!

3d World - November 2014

Blur won a CG Award for The Elder Scrolls Online Trilogy Cinemartic , featured in the November issue of 3D World!

Vray 3.0 also won a very well deserved award, and they choose one of my image to illustrate this ine the magazine. Thanks guys, and congratulations to everyone at Chaos Group!

3D World - November 2014  UK-60.jpg

Digital Human League

I have been asked by Chaos Group’s Christopher Nichols to join the digital human league, a group he created with key VFX industry members aimed at further research and discussion into synthetic humans. I am honored to be part of such a team of talented peoples.  My main tasks was to take the scan data that we had and make a complete model of it that matched the references we have of Paul Debevec. The scan only gives us the face, not the whole head, and obviously had a very dense topology. I first created an animation friendly topology of the whole head. I projected the details of the scan, re-sculpted and improved things that the scan did not get right, then I sculpted and textured the full head (hears, skull, neck, back of the head ect...) I created the eyes, the shirt, build skin shaders and tested everything in Vray. My renders here are work in progress, more like proof of concept that the base first pass at modeling and texturing is enough to other member of the league to start experimenting on shading and lighting.  There is still a lot of things we will be working on, including giving him some hair. You can watch more images in my portfolio section.

Fx guide also released a podcast where Mike Seymour Mike interviews Chris Nichols on the subject:



ZBrush Characters & Creatures book

The book ZBrush Characters & Creatures is out! I’ve have written a chapter where I explain how I have created my sculpt Get out of my yard!. Many artists I admire in that book like Kurt Papstein and Bryan Wynia. Check it out! - The CG Artist's Homepage!

ZBrush Characters & Creatures is on pre-order! Order this invaluable title now and receive an exclusive resin model of one of the aliens that features in the book, created by the talented Caio César!…/3dtotalpublishing/zbrush-charact…